Play Date

She was a spritely faun,
a bright red balloon,
pink and peppermint ribbons
tailed like a kite.
She flew into whatever held the room —
a rage,
a whirlwind,
astute blue skies.
I met her that night of mandolins,
a mannequin,
a ruined man.
She gave me blazing sights,
intrepid laughs,
tinkling tingling tarot touch.
We flew on clouds of ambergris
raining absinthe
absorbed in love.
I’ve not these thousands days
seen her again,
but now and then
encrypted in a crowded face.
She ran into some random world,
a rapid roil,
a separate place.
I fell into a sickly bed,
a crippling crowd,
a narrow lane edging,
draining into receding streets.

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