not here to mess with ya,
just to sort this to the extent I can
so no one need mess with anyone
fear repels
keeps us walled against all Hell
beyond our fortitude
who are any of you to sneer?
pain demands angry claws extended,
spewing caustic gas to defend, to pretend
power of money, fog of gunfire, closing in
to rank and lineage will end in winning
pride and honor but mostly invulnerability,
freedom from them who might threaten
yes, it all makes sense – what’s not us is them
never to be trusted, because we know divisive cuts
of suffering and that’s enough!  more than enough!
scoring pain, raging to feel clean outpour of ferocity
— lash from our ravaged core to those ripe for blame
and now, how do you feel?  what have you won?
war has become your reality – where do you find
a way beyond duality in which to begin,
and continue every day,
to heal from destruction, mine creativity to
construct a place of peace?  to solve our pain?

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