Salute to the Sun

Loyal Leo will lick your wounds,
refresh with nature’s joy:
All our world awhirl in pain;
love and luck we’ll soon regain
She stokes the fire to remember warmth when the Sun was high and strong, and present. 
Fire has its own secrets, its own order.  As do we all,
each our own furnace, nurturing a flame that is destiny. 
The well of sorrow metamorphoses into a peaceful pond
in which graceful gliding silvery creatures glint in the sunlight.
In this small space starlight smiles, sun rays slowly kiss
strength and warmth.
Children bloom
smiling daisies
laughing pansies
great grasping reaching to
the Sun, the stars.
Sunbeams sing along brilliant waterfalls.
Sparkling rivers feed turbulent melody.
Those who have found the key
play here.
Receptive to pleasure,
balming luscious nectars,
warm melt of sunshine,
elation, charismatic exultation —
ebbing outward
gentle ripples
bathed in sunshine ease
Brilliant skies awaken.
Assert dominance, define upcoming
plans.  Feel their confidence as
seedlings burst to touch sunlight.
Reinstate the quiet sunrise
smell of pine and wild roses,
of limitless sky entertaining majestic formations of earth,
unbridled passion encompassing silent reflection,
in bold tones, exquisite complexity,
simple truth.
Sun and sky
entangled elements
create stories of
spiral strands,
chance meetings,
grasping for meaning.
Drifting out on a sunshine day.
Leaping hearts/meandering artists
keep faith to a wayward tune.


sun rise

blossoms to a
rhythmic peak
sending out, sending out, sending out
radiant vibration
brilliant sunshine
melting melodies

Hear adventure recall tribes to revelry,
chase lead of Sun’s bright, warm exchange.
Ignite past’s battles, burn discord as energy.
Surge ahead. Explore new forays toward
merry meeting.
The hope for bounteous Sun that bathes all
cares with caring.  Lengthening from center
outward, new growth bespeaks awareness.
Learning to love
      together in the
Embracing in fields of dandelions.
Happy to be
      imperfect beings