I went there.
I liked it.
It felt like home
to this weary Crone,
to stop and stay.
Learning carefully, joyfully,
to weave clouds and rainbows
inside my open window.
Breathing Spring waft through
this enchanted room,
I dance myself stories and laugh.
Remember healing laughter?
Not the mean jokes, rough sneers,
prayers for disasters to save us.
Neighbors deride and betray us
— why would we stay if we had
a chance?
Why get caught in
such a tragic trance?
Who did I think I would
How did I believe I was
the only one
not in on the game?
Anti-communicate:  throw
words without their soul.
Make noise to detract from
making sense.
Over time we find, each alone:
We are disappearing from our lives.
Faintly flowered,
soft evening breeze
carries today
past our horizon.
Feel free
as you breathe,
as you move.
The You who watches
wants all yous
to feel good.