You are not a woman in a man’s body/ a man
in a woman’s body.
You are you in your body
your interests and desires are not what you’ve
been taught
to want.
What do you want?
In tense deep night conversations
with inheld voicing,
what do you say?
Do you believe
“I was born wrong.”?
try to deceive with longing fantasies
of how life might be derived from choice,
free of man made realities?
“Heal me.” you implore of bare air.
“Teach me not to care, or to disappear.”
This world has become so small.
Barely room to breathe soul exhaust.
Survival’s not worth the cost of your
one true life.
Double bind.
Once there were heroes, transcending self
definition to live one true moment (however long).
Transcend myths; claim your interests and desires
if only for a moment,
be alive,
strong with desire
without feeling wrong (unless what you want is
What does the you that’s true want?
Body, mind, soul?

Into Enchantment

It hurts me that it’s June,
a month of hope and resurrection,
open roads, adventures yet to
explore.  A portal door
to magick’s call.
Take me whole to that parareality.
Let me be that possibility,
unencumbered by expectation.
Unraveling dance of elation in
healing sky, I learn to fly unfazed
through destiny, protected
by loving divinity,
numinous Lady Moon.