Deep Summer Vision

I believe that all the lonely people
should get together and end loneliness
in our lifetime
I believe in making Peace The issue
I believe we are all part of a plan of our
own forming
I believe people want to get along up
to the point when they want to fight and
expend pent up rage
I believe people project on our opponents what
we perceive as our horrific sins
I believe there is ultimately
nothing to win
knowing is knowing that knowledge is infinite and diverse
believing is believing all possibilities worthy of discussion
Meaning making makes meaning with bright intersecting strands
Doing, doing is an outgrowth of knowing, believing, making meaning
Repurpose our energy, efforts unraveled
fighting ourselves over uncertain destiny;
emerge to vibrancy in the creation, the industry,
to make this place our world where we all
enjoy peace.
Beautiful dreaming
lavender and pixie wings descend,
wisp and bow, open that flimsy veil
of weary distraction.
Here Now Ever an instant of bliss and woe.
Songs of weep and wind flutter, brief embrace.
And I sing, ecstatic scream, whirl of always dance,
sinking, diving, for the thrill of emergence.
All those words I
was so intent on
memorizing. Lost, like the
wind and the love song,
the barren sand, lonely
All those songs, sad or
uproarious, orchestration
to impulse forward.
Jazz for imagination;
rock for consolation; blues
for mornings’ and nights’
endless grind.
Where is that kind word
to carry like deep warming balm?
Where is the strengthening psalm,
the wisdom spell?
If you knew, would you tell?
No, you would already be gone.