Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride
(for Kevin)
Twin jugglers set our stage.
Nature and nurture combine,
entwine with trails inside,
thus structuring our fate.
Take up the tale, my star lit dear,
of how we now have wandered here.
Now’s waiting; don’t be late.
Epic journeys cycle into each successive now.
Wandering song, waft and wave.
Rise aloft, fall to softened tone.
Encode the call we each aspire to
become entranced with
through fear, romance, death,
enhancement to repair, to own
the tune we play.
Sound waves, calls with urgent eloquence,
soothes night fears with lullaby,
comradely cheer.
Warrior song —
carried through
long brave trails, travailed years —
harbor of our power.
Sorcery speaks, entangles.
Stars and hearts emerge.
Wooden ships voyage eternal sea —
journey of ages spiraling outward, free.
Easy found trades, winds recycle seeds.
Back to the gardens of pagan lore —
earth, air, sun, and transforming water.
We wander days of potent destiny,
deep mystic incantation spins the tale,
of a possible age in birth.
Love song ‘tween man
and Earth.
Phoenix Fire strength fills open hearts.
Incanted flame implores spirit world to succor, exalt
He who hath endured tribulation, but never succumbed,
perpetually cast stronger toward powerful
Elements always in flux,
adaptable, to align with intention.
Pure essence to ignite:
Saddened, enraged, radiant,
tempered to exquisite artistry
to flow with the forces
of nature
delicately balanced
between what could be
and what we will allow.
Let your mind drift and wander.
Take a leisurely stroll through
what feels good, right, beautiful…