social web

It’s worse than we think,
not politic bickering,
cascading arguments to deflect,
destroy, ignore;
distinct irritation – crawling creeps,
glitches, buses whiz by splash cold wet crud
and on and forth and so, under floods, above
hail and helicopters call out bluffs and bluster
Yeah:  everyday wasters of what might be my life.
But!  Think – can we?  No time, no quiet, no surcease
of constancy always having to take in, take in, take in
surround of sound and fury to keep up with obligatory
reply and query of spiral wire social environ.
Who I might be; what we might find together speaking
mind to mind – no room! no room without within.
Insanely caught and carried spin, inhale quick
lines beyond lies or plan that pull us every which but
no direction.  Complicit vivisection, unnamed, unseen
poison air we breathe, the ruling molecules
we enmeshed become.


not here to mess with ya,
just to sort this to the extent I can
so no one need mess with anyone
fear repels
keeps us walled against all Hell
beyond our fortitude
who are any of you to sneer?
pain demands angry claws extended,
spewing caustic gas to defend, to pretend
power of money, fog of gunfire, closing in
to rank and lineage will end in winning
pride and honor but mostly invulnerability,
freedom from them who might threaten
yes, it all makes sense – what’s not us is them
never to be trusted, because we know divisive cuts
of suffering and that’s enough!  more than enough!
scoring pain, raging to feel clean outpour of ferocity
— lash from our ravaged core to those ripe for blame
and now, how do you feel?  what have you won?
war has become your reality – where do you find
a way beyond duality in which to begin,
and continue every day,
to heal from destruction, mine creativity to
construct a place of peace?  to solve our pain?

In Concert

It’s ok
because, what needs to be said?
Fragmented sentences fraught with memes shared and scattered,
themes from the pictures that run through our head,
keep us in step with all today’s matters …
Running so free, heart flutter with breeze singing,
nowhere to be but hearing grand elegant zephyr refrain and release.
All we wish to express enfolds us in euphony, harmonic bliss.
Is that what you meant,
when you told me:

storm season

Night storm.
Dream of dread,
exulted mortal fantasy?
Blowing into dark legends,
hungry ghosts
lick onto shore, howling.
Sea reclaims land,
seeping semen into soggy
womb, engenders crises of coming change.
Halflings gleam, seek succor of moonlight
peeking through, veiling black cloud visions.
Portents scream, drowned in thunder,
rage caught, flails in reverberating wind.
Huddling against terrible storms, warm, safe,
together.  May we dream out dark weather in
gentle peace.


I am thinking of a brick wall,
hiding danger within scandalous imagery.
Walls upon walls.
High, low, immoderately
scored with illusory murals,
scorch bled graffiti,
wicked symbols,
unclean, unpurified.
Trauma reverberates,
messes with circuitry,
irreverent irreconcilable
in cellular reproduction,
glitches and stammers
in data processing.
A wall. I am building,
brick by painful brick
cemented with blood and pus,
tall, thick, obscuring
day and night,
laughter and warm embrace,
secret words of consolation
hidden in humor and homilies.
Walls stand
ready for bombardment,
awaiting destiny of chaotic rubble
when history reaches
critical mass.


so many more small voices
the whine is deafening
Yo no puedo
nada, nunca
All’s too much a chore
The human world is running out of days
running out of time, and place
running down, fading
Take what you are craving
while you can
Running, enclosed in wind and ecstasy
tumbling through hills and streams
touching ebullient songs and stories I
mind made from scores of memories
Fairy Queens in fabulous fashion,
perfumed theatrical, fountain of care and flame
Here, decades before stir of storms destroyed,
bliss and pain drum rattle refrain humming in time
Would you listen?  Would you call for intermission
to tell me to go on, to give form to cast impressions,
would you hear?
Would you share precious dialog, help to make clear
notes and tones adrift in unwritten air?
darkening, forward escaping, suffocating forests can
offer no refuge, no future breath, no better fate
We cry our deep and enduring hate, love, revenge
falling backward 


Mid-Earth grand trine with Neptune call the tune
Fourth day in May, cross-quarter fully blooms
Lightly we dance, toward brightness cast our eyes
Into brave chance, into Dame Future’s vast surprise
Undulation trance of gypsy minstrel choir
Movement so intensified our light bursts into fire
We worship Mother Earth, praise through rites of flame
She gives our lives hearth and home and name

Marching on

I give my wandering children
Anger to protect you from pain
Rage to ameliorate agony
Fear of what folks won’t explain
Fraught laughter to counteract tragedy
Music to move you to heal
Theater to unite what we feel
that vague sense that nothing is real …
Lost at an indistinct edge made of snow
Unsure where we’ve come from, with nowhere to go
Beggars and bullies and braggarts and whores
iron chains on our windows in rooms with no doors
Fire roams freely, unleashed by cruel wars,
feeds forever on days we will never see,
worlds we will never be