Void Light’s Tale

synchronicity of thoughtstreams, shadow and colors merge, emerge,
float as one beneath
realigning Sun 
Old enemy a friend in waiting – whispers peace within, if I will but listen.
Still running, silent screams, beating my breast from inside,
re-breaking, re-breaking a heart so shattered,
not to reset but to bleed into riotous sea
and then, she croons: “yes, reset, remember
with new respect for who you have always been but feared to believe.”
This ally silently screaming within my deepest heart, my darkest dreams
“Listen, love, revere this wild child who laughs at whirlwinds and dances
to changing, challenging melodies.
Sing along free from inhibition or self-mockery.
This is our time, yours and mine, to be wonderfilled.”



You want to blaze angry
I get it
Rage feels so much more potent
than misery
Feed that flame with every creature
that blame gets scaped on, make they’re
sacrifice part of your armor,
your Honor but a pallid façade
Burn through your better dreams,
childish schemes seem so endearing
if they include horrid screams, blood and pain
if they will rain incendiary death
as you explode your final fiery breath

Play Date

She was a spritely faun,
a bright red balloon,
pink and peppermint ribbons
tailed like a kite.
She flew into whatever held the room —
a rage,
a whirlwind,
astute blue skies.
I met her that night of mandolins,
a mannequin,
a ruined man.
She gave me blazing sights,
intrepid laughs,
tinkling tingling tarot touch.
We flew on clouds of ambergris
raining absinthe
absorbed in love.
I’ve not these thousands days
seen her again,
but now and then
encrypted in a crowded face.
She ran into some random world,
a rapid roil,
a separate place.
I fell into a sickly bed,
a crippling crowd,
a narrow lane edging,
draining into receding streets.

Gemini Eyes – Phase I

You hurtled me into a faithless dream
All my demons I’d thought I’d quietened
Sent my thoughts down a lustful stream of music, rhythm
Gemini eyes speak of treacherous love
and I’ll never win
Gemini eyes lie, promise devotion,
and I’m caught again
How can I hold you?
The time was weak, my body hurting
It’s a time I’m sure the years will soften
You offered all I wanted to need and I wanted
Your Gemini eyes to talk to me of love,
and I’ll never win
Gemini eyes, please answer mine with love
Oh, I’m caught again
and I just want to hold you
and let the passion melt my tears
Tear the demons of all my fears
Tear me to destruction, Gemini eyes,
cause I’ll never win
Your Gemini eyes got me caught again.
Please let me hold you.


Okay is not the proper measure.
When one loves, loses, decays, under consecrated ground
When Winter, her dark endeavor to shroud in peace, absconds,
abdicates to bouncing Spring and heart songs sing not bothering
with permission
or deliverance
Forget, sweet memories let dance far yonder  for a nonce
of unfettered pleasure to bring (not solace) ecstasy
too intense to distinguish from rapture of pain

sad life

How did life become so sad?
You with such energy, such talent
should be on the world stage
lit in huge letters on
sparkling marquees.
Princes should be vying for
your hand at the ball.
Rubies and sapphires
ought to adorn you.
Your slightest desires
attended as undying devotionals
of starstruck acolytes.
Yet, here you sadly dance
alone without spotlight.
You grieve so silently
in dark blue shadows
that no one sees you there.
It is a mystery;
crying in shame you turn
tear-stained cheeks plaintively
to vaguely envisioned goddesses
asking only with voiceless sighs,
deepening heaviness:
How did life become so sad?

Moon Globes

Holiday arrayed, dazzling gauze, impeccable gaze.
Delicate paper sculpture
forest of splendor, tin foil twinkle Moonglow spell.
Gifts for me misters and mistresses,
ladies and gents as pass through take a glitter-stamped chance.
Iridescent, day-glo globes, fairy dust in billow enchantment.
Petite performance, illumined revelry – light we carry, share, renew.
If we might Believe, just enough to stare hard into flowing crystal.
See, fragile and fleeting, glass slowly melting, gently emitting.
Still peace, mindful passion, portentous glimmer, every facet effervescent.
Open adventure, taste inhaled atoms from unfathomed distance.
In this small crystal, starlight smiles.
Solar rays slow kiss strength and warmth.
Beauty answers, in her aspect of eternity.
Beaches at sunset, quiet waves, sparkling reflection;
sand like dulcet bedding, lazily shaded serene meditation.
Mountain ponds grounded by pastel flowers;
bright feathered geese flitter on high in sparse array;
fairy light just enough to wander beyond glare or haze.
Clear long straight road into fantasy landscape, then curving
through mythic hills, farms, forests, lit by wide blue breeze,
water-painted sky, scent of perfumed trees.
Winter magic freshly frosted, swirled, made new and brilliant.
Smell delicious promise, evoking caress of awe.
Call to seekers, lure of melody sweet, calm, effulgent.
Birds in homeward flight, toward early sunset.
Full of good harvest, ready to roost through darkness.
Is this blessed omen of peaceful plenty to rejoice?
Or mere preparation for harsh Winter tempests to come?
Huddling against terrible storms, well placed, safe, together.
Strangers nested, perfumed, rarified, through rugged weather,
waiting for Lightbringer, morning star, warm welcoming peace.
Sparkly lights over our Wintering fields,
festivities of generosity, best humanity can offer
— spirit of liberation immersed in joyous celebration.

Holy Chaos

Please, never mock at Eris
Lest Eris mock with you
She of star hot temper
Fells any who upset Her
You haven’t got a clue
It isn’t that you’re stupid,
or even that She’s wise,
but that’s She’s wildly puissant
You aren’t dealing with Cupid
mere love spells to hypnotize
She wields power of Chaos
She cares not about Right
Nor who is strong or bravest
What Eris wants She stages
to play within Her sight
Will charged up with magic
Slights small or large revenged
Express desire, She grabs it
Though for you it’s tragic
She laughs and strikes again
Best mortal, mock not Eris
Lest Eris mock with you
Unfazed by fear nor reason
She razes as She pleases
You haven’t got a clue
Make Peace The Issue

Reasons to Be Thankful

City silhouette,
cut-outs for lighted windows.
Inside, stories are shared, embellished
to suit the mood.
Mrs. Rio’s son flew into combat.
See her so brave, civilly smiling,
wishing well to each partier who greets her.
But don’t we all have our masked anxieties,
sorrows, shames?  Civilly shaking hands,
breathing deeply to hold from shaking
inappropriately.  Please, more liquid dullness,
more chemical restraint.
More strident complaint of political —
yes Our World’s gone to hell!
How dare THEY tell us how to behave!
I’ve a mind to blast them all into atoms,
to take a stand against whomever crosses
my path without due regard.
When did everything get so hard,
so unyielding, so thick?
I know there was a once we made more sense,
gave more embracing warmth.
There are stories.
What are yours?
Make Peace The Issue

at the still point

world wind bumpily blows,
calls eerie calls wise
calls yelps shrieks moans whispers
If the prey birds listen, if the forest
whips wails demands prophecy —
Sun licks lizard tongued, quick
(too quick to resist) sprinkling cinders.
Comet careens blam! and seas explode.
Worshippers sacrifice reason, reciprocity,
genetic empathy for terrible blessings.
Mechanical beasts blend with desperate
incantations to dystopic ends.
Drama worthy of Dionysus, (flourishing bow)
dear friends.  We are entertained.
Britely Britely pyrotechnic passion.
Out, deep, beyond land view
silent, stirless, moonless, so cold, distant
starpoints, projected sky, empty eternity
Here the dance is all, prescient to music.
Still dance balancing the turning world.
Make Peace The Issue