hidden message

it’s not you; it’s me

I told myself this silly story

I’m telling it today to clear the fog away

make of it what you will

or try again tomorrow to see

if my stories speak to you



7 thoughts on “hidden message

  1. St. Patty

    You touched me with clear green eyes
    Pulled my tumbled mind into
    this moment.
    Not karma, not destiny,
    nothing like history connects our days.
    A moment of clear vision
    — divine embrace.


  2. E.L.F. 555

    Please, never mock at Eris
    Lest Eris mock with you
    She of star hot temper
    fells any who upset Her
    You haven’t got a clue

    It isn’t that you’re stupid
    Or even that She’s wise
    but that’s She’s wildly puissant
    You aren’t dealing with Cupid
    mere love spells to hypnotize

    She wields power of Chaos
    She cares not about Right
    No honor for high status
    What Eris wants She fabricates
    from that within Her sight

    Will charged up with magic
    Slights small or large revenged
    Express desire, She grabs it
    Though for you it’s tragic
    She laughs and strikes again

    Best mortal, mock not Eris
    Lest Eris mock with you
    Unfazed by fear nor reason
    She razes as She pleases
    You haven’t got a clue


  3. Jung Day

    The spell breaks
    dangling chrysalis; abrupt
    crash, tangle, adumbration.
    Shaken, dazed, awareness stirs.
    Anxious to return to slumber,
    swift fade of so compelling prophecy.
    The world is damp, dingy,
    filled with discomforts.
    Slipped in, potent phantasms,
    dashing bits of myth and whimsy.
    Softened landing
    allows memory to absorb shock and awe.
    Bitter wars, forces of survival,
    flagged by colors
    transcendent and bright.

    July 26

    Jung @ Heart, EV12 ~ July 2008 ~


  4. devotional haiku

    happy day to die
    amid man’s and planet’s ruins
    reverberant Hell

    starshine uncontained
    potent messaging released
    DNA cackles

    Japanese songbirds
    born to nuclear wasteland
    shriek mass destruction


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