Deep Summer Vision

I believe that all the lonely people
should get together and end loneliness
in our lifetime
I believe in making Peace The issue
I believe we are all part of a plan of our
own forming
I believe people want to get along up
to the point when they want to fight and
expend pent up rage
I believe people project on our opponents what
we perceive as our horrific sins
I believe there is ultimately
nothing to win
knowing is knowing that knowledge is infinite and diverse
believing is believing all possibilities worthy of discussion
Meaning making makes meaning with bright intersecting strands
Doing, doing is an outgrowth of knowing, believing, making meaning
Repurpose our energy, efforts unraveled
fighting ourselves over uncertain destiny;
emerge to vibrancy in the creation, the industry,
to make this place our world where we all
enjoy peace.
Beautiful dreaming
lavender and pixie wings descend,
wisp and bow, open that flimsy veil
of weary distraction.
Here Now Ever an instant of bliss and woe.
Songs of weep and wind flutter, brief embrace.
And I sing, ecstatic scream, whirl of always dance,
sinking, diving, for the thrill of emergence.
All those words I
was so intent on
memorizing. Lost, like the
wind and the love song,
the barren sand, lonely
All those songs, sad or
uproarious, orchestration
to impulse forward.
Jazz for imagination;
rock for consolation; blues
for mornings’ and nights’
endless grind.
Where is that kind word
to carry like deep warming balm?
Where is the strengthening psalm,
the wisdom spell?
If you knew, would you tell?
No, you would already be gone.


You are not a woman in a man’s body/ a man
in a woman’s body.
You are you in your body
your interests and desires are not what you’ve
been taught
to want.
What do you want?
In tense deep night conversations
with inheld voicing,
what do you say?
Do you believe
“I was born wrong.”?
try to deceive with longing fantasies
of how life might be derived from choice,
free of man made realities?
“Heal me.” you implore of bare air.
“Teach me not to care, or to disappear.”
This world has become so small.
Barely room to breathe soul exhaust.
Survival’s not worth the cost of your
one true life.
Double bind.
Once there were heroes, transcending self
definition to live one true moment (however long).
Transcend myths; claim your interests and desires
if only for a moment,
be alive,
strong with desire
without feeling wrong (unless what you want is
What does the you that’s true want?
Body, mind, soul?

Into Enchantment

It hurts me that it’s June,
a month of hope and resurrection,
open roads, adventures yet to
explore.  A portal door
to magick’s call.
Take me whole to that parareality.
Let me be that possibility,
unencumbered by expectation.
Unraveling dance of elation in
healing sky, I learn to fly unfazed
through destiny, protected
by loving divinity,
numinous Lady Moon.

Beltane 2021

Dreams long enshrined touch magic Piscean Moon
This day in May, cross-quarter fully blooms
Ecstatic dance, toward brightness cast our eyes
Into brave chance, Dame Future’s vast surprise
to merrily entice
Undulation trance of gypsy minstrel choir
so intense, our light bursts into fire
Divine delight invites inspired mirth
Renewed to life, we worship gifting Earth
Mother Earth, we praise through rites of flame
She gives our lives hearth and home and name
Mother world, our one true holy land
Time to kindly honor Her command


I went there.
I liked it.
It felt like home
to this weary Crone,
to stop and stay.
Learning carefully, joyfully,
to weave clouds and rainbows
inside my open window.
Breathing Spring waft through
this enchanted room,
I dance myself stories and laugh.
Remember healing laughter?
Not the mean jokes, rough sneers,
prayers for disasters to save us.
Neighbors deride and betray us
— why would we stay if we had
a chance?
Why get caught in
such a tragic trance?
Who did I think I would
How did I believe I was
the only one
not in on the game?
Anti-communicate:  throw
words without their soul.
Make noise to detract from
making sense.
Over time we find, each alone:
We are disappearing from our lives.
Faintly flowered,
soft evening breeze
carries today
past our horizon.
Feel free
as you breathe,
as you move.
The You who watches
wants all yous
to feel good.

superlunar radiation

souls seeking lessons,
lives of schooling along moving paths,
do better with humility to understand
such studies
teach not from our ignorance.
Classes may demand belligerence,
breaking bounds,
or simply opening, molting, relinquishing.
Sink and emerge over millennia,
accreting tales found
in the sounding mist of the world sea.
Raucous bandying pours through
in beeps and bleats.
Radio frequency bops and beats,
helpless pleas, daring vows to applaud,
angry tragic market dreams, marching
orders in the poorest form — insidious
mounting rage.
This whole pop pre-postapocalypse
stage play crackles and quakes, keeps
us hopping to its tunes.
What do we learn?

The Winners

Isn’t there a story
(I vaguely see shimmer in lost memory)
of a people savaged by invisible disease.
We live complicated lives, have no time for
sickness, enemies we can’t see or fight
with technology, deadly weapons of
defense.  It makes no sense to our
society, blinded by Midas intent, to
give credence to demand for cure,
to give resource from our wealth for
suffering we are sure does not exist.
Stealthy, the microbe universe encroaches,
silently strangles, suffocates, implodes.
Exponentially infests, makes itself
at home, redecorates our world as
its own.
No wealth left to protect, without hope,
or respect, we have succumbed.

in the free world

Everywhere, signs
Everywhere, sadness rippling,
funereal blues,
ever slower, ebbing
connection, ebbing time.
Everywhere, shrinking, dying.
Everywhere deplete, engulfed
by agony, bleeding out.
Can you, will you, sing into
endless night a story
of survival
of happy children in concert
with verdant Earth?
In the free world
I don’t listen to the color of the bluesman’s skin.
I infuse the power of music.
I am, my world is, music, not just while it’s playing.
Ordered vibrations cosset me, hold like a
heart-bound twin.
Names, sad biographies, personalities
grand or subdued, but delusions.
Substitute equivalent qualities, commands that
define identity.  Told how to hear
or say in the way ideations,
profound or silly, are spread; day by
dreaded day. 
Sound waves from will, music imbues momentum,
interweaves with
who we become
and overcome.


curiouser and curiouser

Questions can be so comforting.
Anything can be supposed as
simple what ifs.
Moving through the world
with blinders and coded boundaries,
not seeing what we see,
but what we have told ourselves
or been told so long
questioning never occurs
We must question our metaphors,
our underlying principles,
our shared or unshared perceptions,
in ever more precise attempts
to cover the distance. 
But who has the time for that?
Long walks that suddenly awaken questioning:
“Where am I going?
Who is this “me”
that has a destiny
or merely flits along prevailing wind?”
It’s that question we need to explore,
experiments that intrigue us,
that essential project calling for our attentive exercise,
work to improve our lives that feels real,
that gives us shining dreams, appreciation
for who we can be
realizing history is only destiny
when explorations cease;
invitations from space and time
come complete
with choices
Do you get what we’re all missing?
We could be questioning and listening.
Giving credence to each other’s dreams

Fire This Time

It's fire this time --
dry, burning Earth
Winds of Hell too strong,
too cruel.
Driving frenzy evacuates
creates ever greater desperation,
apocalyptic grief.
Unkind skies, acrid exhaust of terror.
No end in sight --
yet another Endtime to survive.
As if a living planet can protest
human cruelty, stupidity, insanity,
with Her weapons of wind, fire,
pestilence, ever deadlier warning.