going live

look for answers when that feels like free entertainment
look for questions when those answers fail to thrill
look for special secret sparkling rays of mystery
or study history
or learn the ways of wizardry
dance, sing, get into the swing of days and nights,
human rights, and the lessons of mistakes,
or just embrace each moment, then let go
It’s not about what you know, but what you feel;
nothing’s real — enjoy the show

Midsummer Dream

Midsummer Dream
 dream to awaken
Send and heed this call:
expand those magical times
we take a break from
our oh so important war
(of all against all)
to invest in humanities,
philosophy, worship of beauty,
practical caring for the poor,
for future prosperity,
for awesome imagining
dancing dervishes beckon,
blessed in soaring song
our every wish released in
raucous play, rollick and sway,
express this day of reckoning as
peace and fun, this magic time for
every one and each to find our bliss
and never want nor need wars’ tortuous