a time piece

How do we tame Now, 
make a dance of time, lithely swaying
whirled reverberation from eternity,
twirls of shadow and light, silence and applause.
Like moments cast upon a screen,
all we’ve known, done and seen.
Days linger long, the nights cling longer still.
We learn to trace our steps outside of time,
passing through each movement as we will,
falling in and out of rhyme.
Stray swiftly beyond imagined borders
to possibilities yet unexplored.
Enjoy surprise, the changing tides,
this space in time while you’re alive.
Our world is but a moment.
Take it – play!
Engage with this gift,
this day.
Built on ages
of sun, storm, forces claimed
divine to bring us through though scathed.
Anchoring to tales binding
warmth to warmth,
life to life,
year to year.
Raise a glass to you,
courageous pioneer.
Forward from here