superlunar radiation

souls seeking lessons,
lives of schooling along moving paths,
do better with humility to understand
such studies
teach not from our ignorance.
Classes may demand belligerence,
breaking bounds,
or simply opening, molting, relinquishing.
Sink and emerge over millennia,
accreting tales found
in the sounding mist of the world sea.
Raucous bandying pours through
in beeps and bleats.
Radio frequency bops and beats,
helpless pleas, daring vows to applaud,
angry tragic market dreams, marching
orders in the poorest form — insidious
mounting rage.
This whole pop pre-postapocalypse
stage play crackles and quakes, keeps
us hopping to its tunes.
What do we learn?

The Winners

Isn’t there a story
(I vaguely see shimmer in lost memory)
of a people savaged by invisible disease.
We live complicated lives, have no time for
sickness, enemies we can’t see or fight
with technology, deadly weapons of
defense.  It makes no sense to our
society, blinded by Midas intent, to
give credence to demand for cure,
to give resource from our wealth for
suffering we are sure does not exist.
Stealthy, the microbe universe encroaches,
silently strangles, suffocates, implodes.
Exponentially infests, makes itself
at home, redecorates our world as
its own.
No wealth left to protect, without hope,
or respect, we have succumbed.