Reasons to Be Thankful

City silhouette,
cut-outs for lighted windows.
Inside, stories are shared, embellished
to suit the mood.
Mrs. Rio’s son flew into combat.
See her so brave, civilly smiling,
wishing well to each partier who greets her.
But don’t we all have our masked anxieties,
sorrows, shames?  Civilly shaking hands,
breathing deeply to hold from shaking
inappropriately.  Please, more liquid dullness,
more chemical restraint.
More strident complaint of political —
yes Our World’s gone to hell!
How dare THEY tell us how to behave!
I’ve a mind to blast them all into atoms,
to take a stand against whomever crosses
my path without due regard.
When did everything get so hard,
so unyielding, so thick?
I know there was a once we made more sense,
gave more embracing warmth.
There are stories.
What are yours?
Make Peace The Issue

at the still point

world wind bumpily blows,
calls eerie calls wise
calls yelps shrieks moans whispers
If the prey birds listen, if the forest
whips wails demands prophecy —
Sun licks lizard tongued, quick
(too quick to resist) sprinkling cinders.
Comet careens blam! and seas explode.
Worshippers sacrifice reason, reciprocity,
genetic empathy for terrible blessings.
Mechanical beasts blend with desperate
incantations to dystopic ends.
Drama worthy of Dionysus, (flourishing bow)
dear friends.  We are entertained.
Britely Britely pyrotechnic passion.
Out, deep, beyond land view
silent, stirless, moonless, so cold, distant
starpoints, projected sky, empty eternity
Here the dance is all, prescient to music.
Still dance balancing the turning world.
Make Peace The Issue