The summer city in darkness exudes a fantasy quality,
an off-kilter surrealism.
Jeweled sparkle through
emblazoned green,
I see a field of play,
of poets and sprites gaily a’song
while elf folk take a laugh,
a dance,
a merry evening’s holiday.
On roads of old (a half-century or so)
firefly pipers inspire
hopeful wild kind to be.
Free flight like in infant dreams
before boundaries.
Summer melt of sun and mud;
heat mellows, liquifies knotted
tensions.  Beat down, swallowed in
sweat, too hot for questions
to make sense.
Sunset soothes.  Withered
inhibitions lubricated, removed as
peeled skin reveals raw resurrection.
Inexorable romp
to desire, defined by starlight.
Deep in dim sunned woods, tree roots, opaque leaves intertangle
Damp sweat from swift silent stream’s run, continuous lubricant.
Creepers crawl, curious rodents sniff for predatory hide, toothsome prize,
oracular signs.
Wanton child, wandering far from home; kinless kitten alone —
drawn in by stuttered incantations of smoke and mist (she won’t be missed).
Daring darling of effervescent fae, spritely imp skips to play her tune;
her mischievous pipes guide, glide, entice gay abandon, theatric swoon.
Summer’s bliss Mythfolk holiday, untimed, no line to cross, no whine of loss.
Dance, scream, flail and toss, feel the forest grow inside, assimilate.
Nature’s wisdom, unlike tales of man, derides morality, mortal wars of hate. 
Sheltered in endless adaptation, sensory dilation, slipping from human
skin to untamed consciousness.
Dark urban streets
Yes, lamplight,
Garishly bright commercial signs,
Traffic lights, head, tail,
mechanical commands.
But here, outside clear designation,
lightless, solitary, obscure.
Brave walk, forward
in quest of inspiration or fabulous
Subways, bridges, city bones upon which
to drum, to explore
rhythm and blues.
Sparkly spirit, chaotic amusement,
Magic shimmers dimension upon dimension
without pause for delineation – so our eyes
must compensate, strain for context of our ears’
No flowers border soft frames of
child reminiscence.
Birds of prey, strong of eyes and claws,
fly in battle formation
at sunrise.
Smell of surf, haze of summer.
Glass breaks, cuts, shouts
awareness.  Sand endures,
silently aware.