Winter Sky

Straw sky
Moonless, Sunless, Starless
Leaveless trees point gnarly fingers
to the heavens
deepening into darkness.
Frayed and tattered demons
Lucid praying
A feeling beyond touch
Beyond fear or sadness
A feeling unlike hope
Without reason
Yet delineated
Like constellations
I make motions with my hands,
move my skin into contact
with ineffable realms.
Move, oozing miasma.
Creating signs in faint luminescence.
Bit by bit they encompass
the night’s horizon.
But there is more.
It comes to me in brief emanation.
Droning, encircling, swooping in and out.
I organize a study chamber.
Pull out maps and ruler.
Set my quill to taking notes.
Images engaged in excited conversation
pull me in to their heady company.
I can feel the sky breaking around me.
Bits of colored prisms falling.
Make a wish.

ago and away

    Long ago and far away
    In the inner plains of time
    A fair voice was heard to say
    We will meet to love someday.
    Through centuries of waking dream
    Varied tongues have shared the rhyme
    Each meeting, new though it may seem,
    Another pattern in the scheme.
    Running now through you and me
    A thread, a wisp of fleeting song —
    An ever-mending tapestry —
    This treasured bit of life we see.

And Why Not Now?

The 4th dimension embraced to spatial 3.
Length, width, depth —
will may move within.
Yet we travel always in time,
whether we want or even know.
Ever onward through duration;
moment to moment
encompassing all of our lives.
And yet they say there is no time,
only now.
Every precious second, every interminable hour,
every slippery slovenly unrelivable day,
an unrelenting onward and inward and outward,
soulesque surrounding.
Where is now?
Yes, everywhere, of course, but how do we divine,
make sense,
manifest intention,
measure meaning to instant that
expands into infinite unknown?
How do we comprehend what extends true and real,
stands the test of time,
that continuous emergence, strands
playing in the breeze entangling and evolving?
How do we tame Now
and make a dance of time, swinging and swaying,
executing formal twirls of shadow
and light to uplifted applause?
How do we account for time,
yet spend it like raindrops,
yet savor forever awakening?
If it must be done, it must be done now!
There is no waiting room in eternity.
Yet there is no being done.
There is only doing, and being,
and bravely swimming uncharted seas.

Not with a Bang

Light calmly shines
through bare-branch silhouettes.
Ice, frozen in time
sparkles, giving no reasons.
Still.  Cold.
Natural cycles.
Out on the battlefield of man,
brutal bleeding,
shattering of bones and dreams
too loud and crazed
to be heard
reverberating in shattered brains.
Once a molten planet
shot out of star stuff
creating plains and seas,
rocky terrain,
spinning so merrily
with no idea of sadness
set into motion.
Spiraling cycles.
In crystal stillness
frozen tears break and fall
slowly, silently, into time,
knowing not what we have wrought.

Weather Vane

Wintry White lace
drifts through my mindspace
etching out images
unknown to common sight.
One express demand
worries at my grand plan,
how to follow laugh lines
in flight out of fright.
Juries listen closely
to tales out of turn
spun so very grossly
it’s very hard to learn
what is True.
What to do?
Singing of silence
doesn’t fend off violence.
Dancing ‘neath the Moon
never keeps out harm.
Transfixed in wonder,
still we may blunder.
But caught up in the tune,
in the moment, in the form,
what seemed obdurate
dissipates into rain
into storm.

Gods rest ye

If only that were what this season’s all about.
Communal fire, warm and glowing.
Cooking up feast enough to
fill bellies and larders
for wintry weeks to come.
Exchanging gifts our separate
crafts empower
with wishes of good will,
good cheer.  Inebriating spirits
raised and quaffed against
chill fear of dark’s dangers .
If only peace and sensitive portrayal of
our shared condition of human frailty
were the point and purpose of
voices pitched to harmonize
for beauty’s sake.
If only we could reach into
legends’ epiphany,
reach out in poignant empathy,
if only we could simply be

Merry Triptych

season’s greeting
For this season’s greeting
I give the gift of joy.
Hold it close and wear it well.
Share it with the ones you tell
Your season’s greetings to.
Open wide your heart, your eyes
Breathe deeply, smell the warming spice
Reach out, reach up, reach to the skies
Believe again in “fellow men”
Believe in wisdom’s beauty
Believe in joy — and tell your friends:
“This is our greatest duty.”
For as joy fills our hearts, we leave no room for
As joy fills our lives, we learn to live in peace.
Holiday Giving
Outreaching love
Deep healing warmth
Safe harbor home
Benevolence assured
Fulfilling Hope
Affirming Joy
Abiding Peace
Hugging’s good
Laughs are fun
Relaxed in love with every one
Gifting Peace
Gifting Hope   
Gifting Joy!
Merry Christmas
Happy Solstice
Every day of light and play
Every spritely holiday
Opening to heart
Cherishing each part
of the living
of the giving
Voices lilt in melody
My song I give to you:
Live in joy   Live in peace   Live in love
Enthralled in Light
    Christmas trees enthralled in light
    Bright red and green displays
    Shop windows decked in frosty scenes
    Concerts, Carols, Plays
    Santa’s sleigh displayed on lawns
        and rooftops
    Holly!  Mistletoe!
    Christmas cards arrive each day
        with memories of long ago.
    Welcome to another season’s
        greetings, parties, gifts and cheer
    Make it wonderful; make it grand!
    For you and all whom you hold dear —
    Merry Christmas, once again;
    And dreams of peace for the new year.

Winter’s Eve

quiet fall
of snow
whitens night’s field.
Unwritten, clean sand
greets tomorrow’s shore.
Tomorrow is the blessed eve
Lords and Ladies, leaping,
dancing, holy abandon, ecstatic rites.
In dense, secret forest, legends gambol, rise
honorably to masters, speak sage truth.
Spirits imbue damp, fresh scent.
Words melt, evaporate, flavor brew
of ancient melodies, renewed
each Winter’s Eve.
Picture each animated creature enlightened
Each candle warmly, brilliantly ignited
Animated faces dance with excitement
Creature comfort gifts encircle trees
Enlightened pleasures whirled in peace


    Hurrah the Saturnalia!
    Bacchus reigns on high
    And all the world’s a feast of fun
    So pass the pipe and pour the rum
    And flash a smile o’er everyone
        A twinkle of the eye.
        Hail the merry Season!
    A boost for love & joy
    When packages that yell “surprise!”
    May dance before excited eyes
    from “Santa Claus” that merry, wise
        & venerable old boy.
        Joy to all ye revelers!
    It’s time to join in play
    where roles are dropped and laughter raised
    We’re all buffoons, so clowns be praised
    It’s time to shout out loud, ablaze
        “Enjoy the best of days!”
    A very merry holiday
        to each and all I say!

Winter is coming III

Winter is coming
She arrives
Conviction strong and glorious.
Brilliant astral presence, at last.
Swollen with destiny, swirling in ecstasy.
Feel air breath-moist in tune to Her sway.
She drinks, uplifts the cup of our prayers, feasts upon homespun tales.
Listen! She reveals.
Torso spun forward, head arched back
dervish aware. She incants, caresses, blesses,
sweeps through this startled assemblage. Chase if you dare.
A child of shadow slips behind, catches at her tresses.
Slow secret smile grows, their silent delight
snow white, bare of guile.
Time freezes. Hungry eyes press against
icy glass. Inside, twinkling eternity blazes, laughs.
All future awaits. We need but reach through