Above visibility, stars nova bright blaze through nascent galaxies.
Move inward
as Sunlight descends.
Cob-webbed lantern, too weak to flame,
forgotten among rusted childhood trains, stranded tinsel,
abandoned hero’s fantasies.
Sharp cries, wilderness passing.
What is not foreseen, not written or named
if encouraged to trust may reveal
unclaimed aspiration,
dilating horizons.
Chatty stream of energy emits
breaking news, ideations, elegant discourse formations.
Tip of the lip to the ear. Endear or outrage.
Mages, seers ripen to season, gaggle
in choral rehearsal, dervish celebration.
Pleasing balm, sweep of calm meditation.
Vibrant inebriation of oxygen; enlivening
wind brings shivers, awe to
on wings of whistling
intentions set wild.
Restorative love doesn’t involve
seamless melding
perfection to perfection,
but all those cracks, crags, crevices
hoping (aching) to be filled.

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